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Saturday, December 7, 2019
With government and commercial contracts throughout the United States, YEI is regularly adding new members to its team. We provide our employees an excellent salary and benefits package.

YEI is an Equal Opportunity Employer EOE/M/F/D/V.

We currently have the following job openings (click the link to submit your resume on-line):
Operations & Maintenance
Heavy Equipment/Diesel Generator Mechanic
Offutt AFB, NE
Job Description:Independently perform all modes of maintenance, operation, repair, adjustment, modification, overhaul, Large bore diesel equipment. Includes but is not limited to: cranes, forklifts, tractors, stationary diesel power generators. Perform complete functional tests to confirm accuracy of completed work. Electronic diagnostic experience. Experienced with predictive maintenance techniques. Experienced in proper disposal of fluids and filters to meet all EPA and SPCC requirements Perform work in other classifications when incidental but necessary to accomplish work assignment.

Qualifications: Must be able to acquire and maintain OSHA physical requirements. Performs duties in compliance with Federal, State, local, and Air Force laws and regulations. Perform all maintenance and repair to meet energy management conservation regulations, security, safety, and other specialized programs or contractual requirements relating to the business of the contract.

High School diploma or equivalent. Five years related experience.

Position requires the ability to acquire and maintain DoD Top Secret security clearance.

Duties & Responsibilities:
  • Maintain training, certifications, licenses, permits, etc. required for performance of assigned tasks.
  • Work from written and verbal information, blueprints, schematics, diagrams, vendor manuals and manufacturer’s specifications to accomplish assignment.
  • Perform functional and operational tests of reworked and repaired equipment.
  • Perform routine maintenance and running of equipment.
  • Use measuring devices, instruments, test fixtures and special tools, as required, to accomplish assignment.
  • Perform electronic diagnostic and troubleshooting activities
  • Maintain logs, records, charts, etc. as required.
  • Must maintain DoD Top Secret security clearance, licenses, certifications, etc. required for performance of assigned tasks.
  • Perform all other position related duties as assigned or requested.
HVAC Mechanic
Offutt AFB, NE
  • High school diploma or equivalent, and equivalent of 5 years of experience
  • Knowledge of accepted practices, processes, materials, and tools of the maintenance trades
Job Description:
  • Responsible for daily HVAC operations and maintenance of systems to include all computer room air conditioning units.
  • Establish inspection frequency, and develop job plans for maintenance. Monitor system health, readiness status for peak design performance of HVAC systems.
  • Test systems with calibrated instruments, study deviations, and perform adjustments when indicated.
  • Maintain or reduce long-term energy costs.
Qualifications: Journeyman license, 40 CFR 82.158 Certified, 40 CFR 82.161 Certified Technician

Duties & Responsibilities:
  • Installs, services, repairs, inspects, and performs PMs on HVAC and other mechanical equipment per documented procedures and manufacturer’s specifications
  • Documents results
  • Refrigerant Recovery, System M&R
  • Thorough knowledge of centralized chill water systems and related equipment for 1800 ton chillers
  • Maintenance of Air Handlers with pneumatic and digital controls including secondary pumps, damper motors, blower motors and belt replacement
  • Reheat coils and preheat
  • Knowledge of High Pressure Steam Plant Operations
  • Water treatment knowledge
  • Ability to work independently troubleshooting and responding to service work orders
Other: Must be able to obtain a DoD Security Clearance.

Status: Non-Exempt.

Salary: BOE.
Lineman Mid-level Electrician, Diesel Generator/Switch Gear
Offutt AFB, NE
Job Description:
  • Maintain, transformers and switch gear
  • Operate and test Diesel generator for proper output
  • Repair, modifying, and test grounding systems
  • Develop and perform complex switching operations
  • Diagnose, repair monitoring, and control systems
  • Support Facility Maintenance Electricians as required
  • High school diploma or equivalent, and equivalent of 5 years of experience
  • Experience with 1meg diesel powered generators and associated switch gear
  • Experience with auto control switch gear and electrical monitoring systems
  • Knowledge of accepted practices, processes, materials, and tools of the mid-level Lineman trades
  • Knowledge of Lightning Protection Systems per AFI 32-1065 and NFPA 780
  • Arch Flash safety training
  • Experienced OSHA 29 CFR 1910 Lock out Tag out
  • Must acquire and maintain DoD Top Secret security clearance
Duties & Responsibilities:
  • Installs, services, repairs, inspects and performs
  • PMs on electrical equipment per documented procedures, manufacturer’s specifications, and NFPA standards
  • Thorough understanding of electrical distribution from backup power plants to facility and switching of redundant systems
  • Must be capable of working in a maintenance environment
  • Troubleshoot a variety of electrical voltages
  • Responsible for electrical and emergency power systems
  • Ability to read and interpret drawings, schematics
  • Troubleshoot and repair transformers load breaks switch gear and generators
  • Respond to electrical emergencies after hours
  • Support electrical troubles on generators
  • Knowledge and trained to perform proper maintenance and repair on industry leading UPS
  • Assisting with system start-ups and customer training/education
  • Perform scheduled preventative maintenance for customers critical systems
  • Submit field service reports (FSR’s) accurately and timely for all service activity
  • Provide in-depth troubleshooting as needed
  • Perform functional confirmation, test and repair as required by service or maintenance contract
  • Communicate to Service Manager any in field issues
  • Interpret maintenance manuals, schematics, and wiring diagrams, and repairs equipment, utilizing knowledge of electronics and using standard test instruments and hand tools.
  • On call for and perform emergency corrective maintenance in the field as needed
  • Proficient with MS Office software and other related business applications
Status: Non-Exempt

Salary: BOE.
Motion Control Specialist / Engineer
Arecibo Observatory, PR
Job Description: Responsible of the maintenance, upgrades and documentation of motion control systems and instrumentation of the radio-telescopes at the Arecibo Observatory. Provide support to other areas at the Electronics Department, particularly the communications sections.

Education: Master of Science in Electrical Engineering. Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering with 2 years of relevant experience. Academic title from an accredited institution. Fully bilingual; Spanish and English.

  • Experience in closed loop control systems analysis, design, simulation and implementation. Class or capstone projects at the University could be considered as experience.
  • Experience in automation systems, programmable devices and basic power electronics.
  • Basic experience in Printed Circuit Board (PCB), analog and digital circuits. Experience (intermediate level) in computer programming languages.
Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Maintenance, design and construction of control systems and instrumentation for use in radio astronomy and radar systems based on regular operations and user requirements.
  • Provide support to the communications section (phones, fiber optic and Ethernet infrastructure).
  • Documentation of existing and new instrumentation and systems.
  • Provide coaching, mentoring, and technical guidance to technicians and other staff, as appropriate.
  • Ability to work on the suspended Telescope platform at 500ft above ground and in awkward spaces.
  • Able to respond to equipment failures and emergencies after hours.
  • Provide support to other specialist/engineers, scientist and technicians.
Status: Exempt, Full time

Radio Frequency Interface (RFI) Specialist / Engineer
Arecibo Observatory, PR
Job Description: Monitor the Radio Frequency (RF) spectrum and take the corrective actions to ensure that the AO protected radio bands have no interference and minimize the interference of adjacent bands. Respond to RFI complaints and find the cause of interference. Perform RFI tests and design RF shielding for equipment installed or to be installed at AO. Monitor the radiation levels of our transmitters. Provide support to other areas at the Electronics Department, particularly the analog systems section.

Education: Master of Science in Electrical Engineering. Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering or Physics with 3 years of work experience with RF components and systems. Academic title from an accredited institution.

  • Experience with RF instrumentation, components and systems.
  • Experience with radiation meters and familiarity with regulations regarding exposure to RF radiation.
  • Familiarity with government radio licensing regulations.
  • Experience with RFI/EMC test and mitigation is highly desired.
  • Basic experience in programming languages. Fully bilingual.
  • Experience with radio astronomy instrumentation is desired.
Duties and Responsibilities:
  • RFI chasing: find sources of interference generated at the Observatory and outside, in the frequency range of our receivers and adjacent bands. Find solutions in order to eliminate or mitigate the interference.
  • RFI testing and shielding: make laboratory and field RFI testing of electric and electronic components/instruments, analyze results, create reports, and make a decisions as to whether the equipment could be installed and in what conditions. Create methods of how to shield, modify or filter existing or new equipment that is causing interference or having electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) issues.
  • RFI monitoring and mitigation: Maintain, document and upgrade RFI monitoring tools. Verify suspicious interference sources in unlicensed bands. Implement techniques and instrumentation for RFI mitigation/excision.
  • RF safety: Conduct and record RF safety measurements for all our transmitters. Establish policies and increase awareness in terms of RF safety.
  • Ability to work on the suspended Telescope platform at 500ft above ground and in awkward spaces.
  • Able to respond to equipment failures and emergencies after hours.
Status: Exempt, Full time

Telescope Maintenance Supervisor
Arecibo Observatory, PR
Job Description: Yang Enterprises is seeking a Mechanical/Civil Engineer to join the Facilities/Telescope Maintenance and Engineering Department at the Arecibo Observatory, a multidisciplinary science facility in Puerto Rico that includes the world’s most sensitive radio-telescope and other facilities. This position will lead the Telescope maintenance crew consisting of several maintenance technicians.

Education:Bachelor Degree in Mechanical/Civil Engineering

  • Perform engineering calculations in the design of mechanical parts, structures, components or systems
  • Create, provide and present progress reports and graphical presentations as required
  • Submit material and engineering quotes for the procurement department
  • Perform Warehouse and Purchasing Department material procurement planning and coordination in order to accomplish projects, repairs or maintenance of telescope components and the facility
  • Management and administration of project and maintenance tasks budgets
  • Develop maintenance projects and tasks schedules
  • Assist with the Arecibo Observatory project planning and coordinate work with contractors and suppliers
  • Assist with the bidding process for Telescope and facility projects
  • Responsible for the supervision of personnel assigned to the Platform Department
  • Coordinate and supervise construction projects, repair and upgrading tasks on the Arecibo Telescope and/or assigned areas throughout the Observatory
  • Assign and coordinate work or service orders to Platform crews
  • Supervise, inspect and evaluate work performed by Platform Department personnel assigned to different projects in coordination with the Facilities & Engineering Manager
  • Perform evaluation and inspection of completed tasks and projects to ensure compliance with design, construction specifications, engineering and safety standards and policies
  • Complete employee performance evaluation and provide recommendations for salary increase or promotion
  • Participate in hiring process interviews and provide recommendations to the Human Resources Office
  • Ensure all subordinates perform any task and make use of tools and equipment in accordance to occupational health & safety policies and standards
  • Assist the Facilities & Engineering Manager and the Environmental/Health & Safety Manager in the development of policies and procedures related to the responsibilities of the position
  • Assist other managers as required
  • Guarantee confidentiality on all processes, transactions and document management. Requires discretion and confidentiality.
Status: Exempt

Salary: BOE
Contracts Manager
Oviedo, Fl
Job Description:
  • Directs activities concerned with contracts: Examines performance requirements, delivery schedules, and estimates of costs of material, equipment, and production to ensure completeness and accuracy
  • Prepares bids, process specifications, test and progress reports, and other exhibits that may be required
  • Reviews bids from other firms for conformity to contract requirements and determines acceptable bids
  • Negotiates contract with customer or bidder
  • Requests or approves amendments to or extensions of contracts
  • Advises planning and production departments of contractual rights and obligations
  • Compiles data for preparing estimates
  • Acts as liaison between company and subcontractors/customers
  • Participate in proposal development
Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Provides responses to bids, proposals and contract negotiations
  • Prepares requests for proposals for distribution to vendors
  • Develops a set of standard contracts for the company
  • Analyzes all requirements and provisions in contracts, including terms and conditions, to ensure compliance with all laws and regulations and company policies and procedures
  • Ensures that contracts are executed in accordance with corporate guidelines
  • Conducts research prior to writing contracts
  • Audits existing contracts and oversees contract modifications
  • Analyzes a contract’s risk to the business
  • Visits client sites and meets with business partners
  • Monitors the performance of each signed contract
  • Ensures that business goals are accomplished by contract implementation
  • Trains and supervises other contract professionals
  • Conducts analysis of new laws, regulations and contract trends to determine potential impact on the business
  • Coordinates with the finance department to ensure correct billing and collection of contractual revenues
  • Ensures that contracts are in line with corporate goals and objectives
  • Leads contract negotiations and manages all changes in and addendums to existing contracts
  • Identifies potential improvements to existing policies
  • Prepares reports on the status of contracts for management
  • Conducts special projects as assigned
  • Cost proposal development
Education, Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
  • Bachelor’s degree and 10+ years experience in managing contracts and proposal development
  • Knowledge and experience applying Federal and DoD Acquisition concepts, regulations, and statutes
  • Possess a working knowledge of company policies and procedures
  • Demonstrate excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Exhibit strong analytical and critical thinking abilities
  • Possess excellent persuasion, negotiation and judgment skills
  • Display exceptional management skills
  • Have working knowledge of financial analytics and profit and loss implications
  • Demonstrate superior presentation skills
  • Possess strong leadership skills
  • Have excellent technological knowledge and abilities
  • Exhibit exceptional mathematical abilities
Salary: BOE

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